Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yarn Foam Board Letters

AHHH!! Here goes 1st blog post...

I love Pinterest. It makes me feel creative and motivated, while I am just being lazy on the couch. I also love reading skimming home decor and DIY blogs. Just a little side note about myself I HATE reading, so I will keep this post short and to the point to spare you the torture of reading.

While browsing Pinterest and blogs I came across these pictures:

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Yarn wrapped letters

The cardboard letter tutorial was a great idea and concept, but I didnt want to take the time. So I came up with this idea from some things I had laying around:

Scissors, foam board, hot glue gun and wall hangers

I free handed my letters to spell FOLD. I didn't make any fine measurements with a tape measure, because I couldn't find one. I also didn't use a ruler for a straight-edge for the same reason, sooo I used this for both measuring and as a straight-edge:

It was the perfect width and length for drawing the letters out. I used a scissors and razor blade knife to cut out the letters:
Traced and cut letters

  I decided to cut five of each letter to give each letter a chuncky look. I then hot glued the letters on top of each other:

I did the same steps for each letter:

My mom had some extra variegated yarn and I wrapped it around each letter without any rhyme or reason to my method. I untangled many knots in the yarn and came to this final product:

I then hot glued hangers to the back of each letter:

.....and hung them:

I LOVE how they turned out! I am guessing you are wondering why in the world I would spell the word FOLD!!???!! Can you guess where I hung these at?? I will share that in my next post!!


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