Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bristyn's Room and Alphabet Wall

Christmas is upon us. I have been trying to declutter my house in an attempt to make room for all the new toys the girls get for Christmas. My latest project..Bristyn's room! I love how it has all come together. It originally was our middle daughter Neely's room, but when we did our house project we moved Neely into our old master bedroom and put Bristyn into Neely's old room.

My inspiration came from the alphabet walls that I seen all over Pinterest (link to my`Kiddos' pinterest board). I also searched Pinterest for a grey wall color. I painted the room a while back, and have slowly added the finishing details. It isn't perfect, but it is simple and cute.

The room needed a paint job and I wanted a nuetral base. I also wanted to use bright colors in wall decor to add color to the room. So off I went to Pinterest land to find the perfect inspirational pictures.

I love how it turned out! I bought all the letters at Hobby Lobby. I just randomly spray painted them orange, pink, green and blue. I used Command Strips to hang all the letters. After a couple months they are all still hanging up there great, and luckily Bristyn doesn't mess with them :) 

This is the corner of her room where her closet is. I now need to search Pinterest for some organizational ideas for her closet. 

I love how her mirror turned out! I made it out of scrap wood I found at my parent's house. Funny story, day after work I stopped over at my parent's house to drop something off, and in the fire pit there was a bunch of scrap cut up wood. I was like SCORE!!!! So I loaded it into the back of my suburban. I get back into the car to go home and my oldest daughter is really concerned, which I found odd. She asked me if I had asked Papa for the wood, I replied with no it is just junk wood that he isn't going to use. She was than concerned that I was stealing the wood, I just laughed and reassured her it was fine. Soooo, next day I was talking to my mom on the phone and I was telling her how excited I was for finding that scrap wood at their house to go with the square mirror she had picked up for me at Hobby Lobby. I than proceeded to tell her about Keyauna's concern about me stealing the wood. She proceeded to tell me a story about how all my girls and Papa had got all this scrap wood for the fire pit to have a camp fire one night when they stay over night. My mom also had pictures to go along with the story. I felt bad for taking the wood, but there was more wood, and plus it had started to get super cold at night, so fire pit would have to wait until Spring anyways. So now we have a funny story behind the mirror. 

I just randomly cut the wood at different lengths. I just screwed all the pieces of wood together and I spray painted it after I assembled it. I could have painted the pieces before I screwed the mirror frame together, but I wanted to make sure all the colors were separated, so I just taped off each strip of wood and quick spray painted it according to which color I wanted. I also stained a few of the sticks of wood with Minwax Dark Walnut stain so it would blend nicely with the wooden top of her changing table.

My father-in-law painted and stained this old dresser for me. It has a nice wood top and the rest is distressed. It is so handy as her changing table and it doubles as a dresser.

For her curtains I just used flat sheets from Walmart. They were cheap and long enough. I love how they flow. They are also make a bold statement when you walk into her room.

Bristyn is our third child and after our first two children never sleeping in their crib, we opted for a pack-n-play this time around. The pack-n-play may not be the most design savvy option, but it is practical and functional and most importantly she sleeps like champ in it!! She is now 1 1/2 years old so within the next year or so I am guessing she will be ready for a big girl bed, so we can get a comforter and bed accessories to match her decor.

 Just some more quick pictures of her alphabet wall


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